Our 55cl Grande Candle is designed to give you an intense perfume experience that you can smell all-around your home. Each candle weighs over 1.1 kilos and has a burn time of 85 hours. It feels luxurious yet can be used guilt-free every day.


Each candle contains lashings of pure perfume – 15%. We don’t know of another company that does the same in a paraffin-free candle. Every drop of our candles contains the same high-quality Grasse sourced perfume as we put in every Saltworks product.


We only use sustainable and certified soya, coconut and palm in our candles. We don’t use any petroleum-derived paraffin (or “mineral wax” by those too shy to use the word paraffin). Making a high-intensity candle that is entirely free of paraffin took a long time to perfect.


We use a specialist high-tech wick that is made using a patented manufacturing process that increases the capillary action. And our reinforced wick cores are metal-free. We spent 6 years researching and testing wicks for our candles before choosing this one.


It takes over 20 different steps to pour, finish and box each candle. And everything is made in small batches, from scratch, in our workshops in Kent. No vast machines making 100s of candles a minute. Each candle is made the traditional way poured by all of us here.


Key Notes:

Freshwater Accord, Cyclamen, Bamboo.

SPRING RAIN Grande Candle