All Saltworks glycerine soaps contain 5% or our own unique pure Grasse perfumes for a lingering fragrance experience. Like our customers say, "it’s not soap, it's perfume in a bar”.


It’s a skilled and time-consuming process to make each bar. It takes over 30 different steps to mix, mould, scrape, clean, polish, wrap and box each bar. We use exactly the same perfume ingredients in our soap as in every other perfume product we make.


Our intense fragrance soap is a glycerine based formulation that is milder, more pH neutral and more moisturising compared to traditional sodium hydroxide/fat formulations. Glycerine is hygroscopic, so it attracts moisture from the air and binds it to the skin which is why is so valued in skincare.


Made without animal products or animal testing. All perfume products contain allergens and should be avoided by anyone with sensitivities.


Top Note: Lemon

Heart Note: Italian Cypress, Bamboo

Base: Musk

SICILIA Intense Perfumery Soap

PriceFrom £3.00