We spent many years creating our hand and body wash. We wanted a high fragrance product that gave a lasting residual fragrance after washing, with the high foam content that customers wanted. Our formulation is a careful balance act of just the right amount of fragrance with just enough foam.


We don’t use any complicated machinery or chemicals to mix the water-based soap and oil-based perfume. So some separation of perfume and soap is natural and a bit of shaking is needed from time to time. As an artisanal product, made in small quantities, variations in clarity and colour occur between batches.


Our customers said they didn’t want glass bottles that might shatter in the bathroom or metal bottles that might rust when wet. So we chose to pack it in worry-free recycled plastic bottles that are fully recyclable again.


We recommend applying directly to a sponge or flannel to give the greatest lather and maximum dispersion.


Approximately 125 portions or 25 showers per 250ml bottle.


Key Notes;

Mandarin, Honey Jasmin, Vanilla.