Our hand and body lotion is a light, non-sticky organic formula made to absorb quickly. 150ml with a generous splash of our perfume (3%).


Used together with our soap, our lotion is another layer of fragrance which helps to create a longer lasting fragrance effect. Top off with a final layer of spray perfume for maximum radiance and all day longevity.


Our lotion comes packed in our uniquely decorated matt finish aluminium bottles - both colourful and tactile. It’s a process we designed and worked for two years with our manufacturer to perfect. The result is a sheer veil of colour that allows the shimmer and natural beauty of aluminium to peek through while giving surface texture. The matt finish of our lotion bottle was designed to capture the dry silky effect of our lotion.


Every bottle is individually crafted and varies in depth and variation of colour. It’s a tiny subtle detail. But one that encapsulates what we are about. And everyone we spoke to at the start told us that coating aluminium like we wanted couldn't be done....

LADY MARMALADE Organic Body Lotion