25% pure perfume by weight. 100ml


We started Saltworks to make fragrance democratic. Because we disagree with the idea which other brands have: that artificially inflating prices still make people believe that something is better. We have proven you can make perfumery democratic: rich interesting fragrances, using the very best ingredients, at affordable prices, to use every day.


We only source materials from Grasse in France. There are no better ingredients you can get. Every fragrance is a unique blend of between 10 to 50 different perfume ingredients, all sustainably sourced.


We make a bottle of perfume fresh, by hand, one bottle at a time, in our workshop as customers order it. So we have minimum waste too and that helps everyone.


We offer our Parfum in all 50+ Current and Archive collection fragrances.


Each 100ml bottle provides 900-1000 sprays. Use generously without guilt.


Top Note: Clove, Tobacco

Heart Note: Vetyver

Base: Ambergris